What is the difference between a sublet and a sublease?

What is the difference between a sublease and a sublet? We get asked this question so often that we decided to write an article about it. This article could be one sentence long because the short-answer is: there is no difference. In other words, sublease and sublet are the same thing! How is a sublet/sublease Read More

Time to get technical: Sublet vs. Lease

Sublet vs. Lease What is the difference between a lease and a sublet? This is a great question, and one that we get a lot. There are a lot of differences from both a legal and practical perspective. We aren’t going to dive in too deep, but rather provide a basic framework of some of Read More

Take Flight!

Walk to the ends of the earth with meNot because the treasure exists only thereBut because sometimes the treasures you already have are a little bit easier to see from the edge… Take flight with meThis is not an escapeIt is an affirmation that we are not afraid to see things from a different perspective Read More

How do I sublease or find someone to take over my lease?

Finding someone to sublease or take over the remainder of your lease isn’t always easy. And paying a lease break fee is expensive. This article provides a few good places to start! TheBindel.com The first place you should list your property for a lease takeover or sublease is on TheBindel.com for several reasons. First, listing Read More

How I Took a 5-Star Luxury Vacation to Thailand for Free using The Bindel and Points!

Editor’s Note: The Bindel is not getting paid (yet) by any of the blogs or credit cards that we endorse. I just got back from a trip of a lifetime to Thailand with my best friend Giselle. We managed to fly first class drinking vintage champagne and stayed at villas that retailed for over $1,000 Read More

Hello World!

We launched The Bindel a little over a year ago to help others in a situation we too often found ourselves: wanting to leave and explore opportunities elsewhere, but stuck with a housing albatross around our necks. Whether that was undertaking the difficult task of trying to find a place for a few months in Read More

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